In this lesson, the student will learn to:

  • Follow directions
  • Be spatially aware
  • Complete tasks as given


  • Basketball or similar court
  • 3 Targets
  • One disc per student
  • Cones or Flags
  • Music Player


  • Cones will mark the four corners of the court
  • Targets set up in a tight line length wise


Traverse the court until the music stops. Once music stops, listen for your countdown and make a putt.


Lesson: (20-30 minutes)
The court is set by creating a perimeter around a Basketball court or outdoor space with the cones. Set the targets up in a line length wise and tight together. This should create shorter putts and more opportunity for the longer sides of the court and a bit longer, less opportunity on the shorter sides. The long side putts are worth 1 point and the short side putts are worth two points.
Play begins when the music starts and a type of movement is declared (walk, skip, hop, walk backwards, etc). The students traverse around the outside of the court with their disc. The music is randomly stopped and students step up to whatever side they are currently on defined by the corner cones. Remind students of the point value and have either long sides or short sides putt first. Give the command 3, 2, 1, FIRE and have all students on the declared sides putt on fire. Then have only those who think they made the putt, go out, verify and collect. The game will go quicker if only those that think they made the putt go out on the court. Those that miss will be able to collect a disc for the next round. Repeat the countdown for the other sides. Allow them to verify makes and collect. Players may putt at any target, but the target’s accessibility is dictated by what side of the court the students are on. Once the long and short sides have putted, verified and collected, everyone else retrieves a disc. The sequence begins again by declaring a new movement and starting the music. Games can be first player to hit five points.

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