In this lesson, the student will learn to:

  • Be responsible for their own actions and score
  • Will strive to stay in the game with hopes of finishing strong
  • Be aware of game strategies


  • One target for up to ten players
  • One disc (putter) per player
  • Numbered Poly Spots are best, but cones or other floor markers work well


  • Space targets equally apart in field or gym
  • Divide class equally among the four targets
  • Mark 10 spots around each target
  • Spots increase in 3 foot increments starting with spot #1 at 8 feet and ending at 35 feet for spot #10
  • Cut the distances in half for elementary


Chasing the Chains is a fun putting game that allows students to attempt a variety of putting distances while progressing around the target. The object is to be the first player to complete all of the putting spots and enter the “clubhouse”.


Lesson: (20-40 minutes)
This game starts with all players lined up behind spot #1. Play begins with the first player putting spot #1; if they make the putt, they keep progressing spots until they miss. Once a putt is missed, the player has a decision to make. They may call “STAY” and their turn in the next round will start from that spot or they may call “CHANCE” in which the player is given one additional putt. If they make that putt, they move forward a spot and their next turn starts there. If they miss the Chance putt, the player goes back one spot and their turn in the next round starts there. Players stand in a line behind the spot where their next turn will take place. All players get a turn to complete a round. Once a round is completed, the next round begins with the person in the lead and continues from there. When a player makes the final spot, they officially enter the “clubhouse” as the leader and will win the game if no one else joins them on their last turn. The remaining players will still get their complete turns in order to increase their final position or potentially join the leader in the clubhouse. If no player joins the clubhouse leader, the game is concluded and the clubhouse leader wins.

If other players get into the clubhouse during their last turn, there is a sudden death playoff. The playoff begins with all clubhouse players starting on spot #1. The first person in the clubhouse putts first and keeps progressing with made putts until they miss. Each playoff contender follows in order of entering the clubhouse. The playoff concludes with the farthest player being declared the winner. If the farthest missed spot ends with multiple players, another round will ensue with those players. Any player not reaching that spot is eliminated from the playoff.

No Teachers Tips
Super Final Chance is a version that has one more complete round once a player reaches the clubhouse. During this round, players will automatically chance any miss and continue progressing forward as long as they make their chance putts. This version will undoubtedly result in a playoff situation. Essentially, in this version, players will have to miss two putts in a row on the final round to conclude their game.