There is such a calming beauty of watching a golf disc sail and curve through the air. It taps into a natural wonderment of flight that all humans possess. Even more satisfying is being the propellant of that flying disc, especially when does exactly as you intended. The Pavlovian affect of ringing chains becomes an incredibly powerful positive reinforcement. Since disc golf is accessible to all and playable throughout one’s lifetime it makes perfect sense for all youth programming to include the experience.

So how do we go about teaching this dynamic lifetime recreational activity and sport playable alone or in small-sided groups at your program? The Educational Disc Golf Experience is the answer. It is what we were created to do.

The mission of the 501c3 non-profit Educational Disc Golf Experience is:

  1. To produce and provide professional tools (curricula, programs, and equipment) for educators and youth organization leaders that help them teach disc golf to young people and others;
  2. To promote good health and outdoor fitness through learning and recreating with the lifetime activity of disc golf.
  3. To continue to research and develop new curricular materials, equipment, and supplies that help our partners carry out their goals of providing education and fitness.

Our goal is to make teaching disc golf as easy as possible no matter what experience the teacher or youth leader brings. With over twenty years of perpetuating disc golf in the educational arena, the EDGE program has curated the best equipment at the lowest possible pricing and paired these items with a teaching system that has introduced disc golf to millions of youth with great success.

  • The Getting the EDGE Teaching Curriculum and Activity Guide web-based edition has downloadable technique outlines and detailed tutorial videos that make the game easy to learn. Disc fundamentals are accompanied with lessons, activities and games that reinforce the technique and concepts of the sport.
  • EDGE created a beginner-friendly, lightweight golf disc that is perfect to use as an all-purpose disc for classes of all sizes. Through our gracious manufacturing sponsors, EDGE also offers a variety of other molds and advanced-level discs so a program can grow with the skill levels of their students.
  • The lightweight, collapsible Traveler target is the industry leader in a portable, easy-to-store target. EDGE is proud to have been closely involved with the evolution of improving the target for the specific needs of physical educators.