The Getting the EDGE Curriculum & Activity Guide is used by schools and youth programs in all fifty states and several countries around the World to teach the game of disc golf. The EDGE curriculum is endorsed by the Professional Disc Golf Association and follows the lead of SHAPE America (Society of Health and Physical Educators) by aligning lesson plans with the organization’s national standards for Physical Education. The EDGE program places solid tools for teaching the lifetime sport of disc golf into the hands of teachers and youth organization leaders. With modern schools concentrating on S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), disc golf is the perfect physical education tie-in to bring the classroom into the gymnasium and outdoor campus. EDGE’s classroom linked lesson plans assist students in understanding the importance of math, science, citizenship, fitness, art, and environmental studies, as they apply to their physicality and disc golf.

  • Reactive lesson plans are downloadable and feature pop-out teaching tips, pictures and videos of activities in action.
  • Easy to follow technique fundamentals with varying angled videos that aid educators of all experience levels.
  • Assessment systems that provide teachers and students progress measurement tools or a path to level up your school’s club members.
  • Resources to design a campus course, start a club or produce alternative disc games and field event activities.

The curriculum also acts as an activity guide whether you have only twenty minutes or a full ninety to conduct a disc golf lesson or game-oriented activity. Instructors appreciate the host of other Frisbee/disc games and valuable resources which offer a complete program that can be used over and over again.