In this lesson, the student will learn to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to observe the putt and be honest with the outcome
  • Improve concentration in a high stimuli environment
  • Show concern for safety of self an others during a group activity


  • Disc golf target(s)
  • One EDGE disc or putter per student
  • Marking cones or line paint to create the ring


  • Set target(s) in center of the gym or in an open field with enough room to form at least a 25 foot circle around each target.
  • Mark or have students form circle around entire target.
  • Suggested 15 feet for elementary, 20 feet for middle school, and 25 feet for high school.


Ring of Fire is a high intensity game that works on putting, concentration, and honesty. It is a great game to be played for fun, as a culminating activity, or a stand alone game. Ring of Fire is best with 15-25 students per target. The object of the game is to make every putt and become the last putter left in the game.


Introduction: (5 minutes)

If you have numbered the class set of discs (recommended), students will observe the color and number of the disc they will use that particular round. If the discs are not numbered, have students observe the color of disc, color of the hot stamp, and weight number on back. These three characteristics assist in disc identification.
Have students form a ring entirely around the target(s). Explain the rules by telling students when the countdown of 3…2…1…FIRE is given students will attempt their putt. Not before FIRE or after FIRE, but ON FIRE. If a student misses the putt, they will leave their disc and wait to get back in or they could run a lap around the ring or complete another physical activity in place. Explain that if students think they made the putt to wait for the signal to go and confirm their disc is in fact a made putt. They will then return to their spot and await further instruction.

Lesson: (15-20 minutes)
With students around the ring, announce the style of putt to be used and have everyone take a prescribed putting stance. (“Freestyle” means any way you want or pitch putt with a straddle)
Count down 3….2….1….FIRE! On FIRE, everyone putts to the target.
Students wait for the clear signal and ONLY THOSE THAT MADE THE PUTT collect their discs and return to their spot. Players that miss may be asked to perform a physical task during the next round. (A task is not required, but adds a bit of activity into the game)
Players that made the putt may be asked to take one small or one giant step back, and wait for the sequence to repeat. (There are plenty of options to use or none at all)
When players are set, the countdown sequence begins again.
The process continues until one putter remains. That player is the winner of that game. If on any turn there are no makes, everyone returns to the game and a new cycle begins. When the game resets, it is not required to use the same disc. It is encouraged to vary the type of putting stances and styles of putts. Be creative and have fun.

Putting style suggestions:
Freestyle (any way you want)
In-Line Stance
Straddle Stance
From a knee
On one leg
Eyes closed
Opposite hand

  • Number all discs to aid class flow in lessons and games.
  • Players must throw on “Fire” and wait until the signal to collect discs.
  • Putts can get knocked on/off line by other discs. This is where honesty comes into play.

Similar style of activity:

  • King of the Rings
  • Count That Putt

Link To Video HERE